How does it work, you ask ?

We basically scrap your website and generate a sitemap.xml file on a regular basis

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We do the boring work

Once you are registered, you'll just need to add your website's domain on and boom, your first sitemap will be generated. Once you get the notification, you can update the robots.txt file of your website and add a single line that you just need to copy paste. It couldn't be easier to maintain your sitemap file !

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You can decide the interval you want us to re-generate the sitemap file. You can choose a daily, weekly and monthly interval. On each occurence, we will re-scrap your website to generate a new sitemap.xml file that will replace the old one.

We also take care of pinging Google Search Console with your new sitemap file.

You don't need to worry about sitemap files anymore, we do it all for you !