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We handle your website's sitemap.xml file, we host it and re-generate it all the time. You don't have to worry about it anymore.

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Designed for websites like yours

Build and maintain your website with Mapsite. It provides a central location for all of your sites and lets you generate sitemap.xml files for them, so search engines can discover the pages on your website.

Insanely easy

Register your website and update your robots.txt file with the link we provide. That's it ! Makes sitemap.xml generation a breeze!

Different intervals

We will re generate your sitemap monthly for free. It's also possible to generate them manually. Weekly and daily generation are available in our advances pricing plans.

SEO Matters

Sitemap.xml are often forgotten by web developers when they launch a website. With mapsite.io it's now super easy and you won't have any excuse to forget about it.

We didn't reinvent the wheel

The best way to generate a website is by scrapping it's content and links. And that's what we do on all websites registered in our application. All pages that should be accessible by a Search Engine will now be indexed in the sitemap.xml as it should be.

By using your robots.txt file to reference the link to your sitemap file, we can support any type of website in any technology. All Search Engine will be aware of your amazing content.

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Already hosting 200,000+ sitemap files for thousands of websites

You own multiple websites ? No problem, with any pricing plan you choose, even the free one, you can registered an unlimited amount of domains.

Map your website architecture and generate sitemaps with a single click.

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